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Digital Business Transformation; Hype or ....

There is little doubt that digital tools and technologies are profoundly affecting the way business is being conducted today. They have already disrupted many industries and are threatening to disrupt others.

However, there is a great deal of hype these days about ‘digital transformation’ or ‘digital business transformation’. The term is often used but rarely defined.

We define Digital Business Transformation as Organizational Change through the use of Digital Technologies and Business Models to Improve Performance.

Transformation is fundamentally about change, and organizational change is the foundation of digital business transformation.

Organizational change, related to people, processes, strategies, structures, and competitive dynamics, is where most of the challenges and opportunities reside.

Organizational change requires a clear recognition of the need to transform, an understanding of what must be transformed and a roadmap of how to make the required changes.

Digital business transformation is not a state of being, it is a journey and this journey is guided by three questions:

  • Why to transform?
  • What to transform?
  • How to transform?

Water Bruil & Associates developed a comprehensive and practical approach to get answers on these questions.

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